My coaching

As soon as the mind is set on a goal, possibilities abound.” (J.W. von Goethe)

My coaching for you is

Your current situation

I illustrated the classical motivations for being coached under the heading “What is coaching?”. My experience is that many executives are likely to need clarification from within their individual current situation. Here are some examples:

  1. “I am one of the best – and want it to stay that way!”
  2. “I can do more – and seek to draw on my full potential!”
  3. “I don’t want to just survive – I want to win again!”
  4. “I have lost sight of my aim!”
  5. “I need a vision for my professional life!”

You will be able to find your own solution in my executive coaching.


Executives have as much time as everyone else, but due to the special demands made on them, they need to be more meticulous in their usage of it. Leadership requires presence. Strategy development as well as day-to-day business, recreation as well as highest tension situations, human resource management as well as self-development all demand permanent positions in your life.

In this situation, it is good to know that my coaching, your self-learning process will make you more successful within a short period of time. After two to four conversations spanning across 10 to 25 hours, you will know your incentives and goals, you will have found your solutions through self-reflection, developed alternative courses of action and analysed potential problems that may arise in their implementation. We don’t waste time with deficiencies – I work in a way that is oriented towards your resources and strengths.


Self-reflection by the client is an essential part of the solution. As Systemic Management Coach, I also take into account the interplay of open, complex systems such as individuals, groups and company. For this reason, individual diagnosis (limited) and holistic models and methods form part of my coaching, thus initiating your desired professional performance through self-reflection.

In my coaching you find orientation among the conflicting demands of your job, your company and your personal life. You will learn to conserve your energy, without losing sight of your goals or the legitimate demands of your stakeholders.

Target group

Due to my professional and personal background, my coaching is particularly useful for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, executive managers (both male and female) ready for change, future leaders with high potential, mainly from the financial industry and other commercial sectors of the economy.

After a preliminary talk, I offer my services to company management as well as self-paying clients.


I offer Systemic Management Individual Coaching. In agreement with the client, I may need to engage coaches I know with similar values and standards to come on board for larger projects.


Suitable facilities for half-day to two-day sessions are available in Hamburg, London and Marbella. You as the client determine the place of work; I would however advise against using your own office premises.